How To Select The Best LED Grow Lights For Weed?

How To Select The Best LED Grow Lights For Weed?

The best LED grow lights for weed produce precisely the correct light spectrum for your marijuana plants, and do not waste energy radiating light in an unneeded spectrum.

We recommend LED grow lights that have a wide range of wavelength options available. You can adjust the best LED grow lights to provide only the needed light spectrum.

Here are the most important factors to evaluate when choosing the best LED grow lights for your setup:

  • Coverage: This is the first aspect to consider when selecting the best LED grow lights for weed. Coverage is the area the LED grow lights can reach.
  • Wattage: Wattage typically refers to the wattage of equivalent non-LED grow lights that the LED grow light can be used as a substitute for. Non-LED lights include High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH) and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights (see more below).
  • Full spectrum: We recommend you choose full spectrum LED grow lights that you can use throughout the marijuana growth cycle.
  • Angle of the LED lens: Take note of the angle of dispersion of the LED grow light. Generally, a bigger angles mean more coverage, while the smaller angle mean less dispersion and more intense direct light.
  • Built in cooling: The best LED grow lights have a built in cooling system. This is very important for the lights longevity, as well as the overall temperatures in the grow room.
  • Price: Last, but by no means least, the price of the LED grow light is also a factor. The price tags of the best LED grow lights vary vastly. Aim for the best you can afford. You will recoup your outlay in saved electricity and increased yield.

Determining wattage and coverage of the best LED grow lights

There are no real standards measuring LED output in wattage. The number of watts a LED grow light actually draws from the wall is not the same as the advertised wattage. This is misleading.

A LED grow light advertised as 300 watt means that the light can be used it as an alternative for other types of 300 watt grow lights. The real wattage of the light could be as low as 140 watt because LED grow lights use far less electricity. When determining the wattage needed for your grow room, it is easiest to work with the advertised wattage.

The optimal wattage range is between 50 and 80 watt per sq ft. For example, a 3 x 3 ft grow tent (9 sq ft of grow space) requires at least 450 watt of LED lighting (9 x 50 watt). You can accomplish this either by purchasing a single 450 watt (or more) LED grow light or by daisy chaining a number of smaller LED grow lights together.


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