Indoor Grow Lights - How They Work

Indoor Grow Lights - How They Work
When growing plants indoors, one of the most important things to bare in mind is that in order to thrive, plants need sun, not just light. They need the radiation, in different wave lengths. Putting plants by a window might not be enough.

Indoor grow lights replicate the spectrum of the sunlight, unlike a conventional light bulb for home use. There are many kinds; from fluorescent lights, through HID (high intensity discharge) lights, Metal Halide bulbs and LED grow lights. Each has it's benefits and drawbacks to be considered.

The fluorescent lights are the cheapest of the indoor grow lights and the simplest to use, but they have to be hung close to the plants. HID lights are relatively small units and produce strong light, but they require a ballast to control the amount of electricity that goes to the lamps, or to the high pressure sodium bulbs which are another kind of HID lights. The bulbs themselves have to be handle with caution, without leaving oily fingerprints on them that might concentrate the light and cause the bulb to explode. The HID indoor grow lights will lean heavily on your electric bill, so to make it cheaper and more useful a reflector might be required.

When using a reflector (a shiny surface that bounces the rays) you can achieve a few things; the light source can be further away, you can use less bulbs since you are getting the light from the bulb and from the reflector. Light reflectors come in many shapes and sizes and cost between $40 to over $300 for reflectors with cooling systems that reduce the need to cool the area when the indoor grow lights are placed in a closed area.

The LED indoor grow lights are highly efficient and burn at much lower temperatures. They are more expensive than the rest, but that is paid back with not having to use a cooling system. The lights use only 20%-30% of the electricity the other systems use. That will reduce the cost of the electricity bill. They require no special modification, since they fit into regular house sockets and last up to 10 years. There are 3 different kinds of LED indoor grow lights, each one provides different part of the light spectrum, depending on your growing needs.

You can find best indoor LED grow lights at Home Grow Pro Shop. These are just a few of the options with indoor grow lights.
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