The Benefits Of Using LED Grow Lights

The Benefits Of Using LED Grow Lights
LED lights are well known for their energy efficiency, but the benefits of using LEDs for your indoor grow don’t stop there.

Top performing LED grow lights last anywhere from 50,000 hours to well over 100,000 hours of continuous operation. You won’t need to worry about replacing bulbs between grow seasons, helping to save money and time.

Yield is one area where LEDs are outmatched by their HPS grow light counterparts. However, when it comes to quality, potency and aesthetics, LEDs are the way to go. Full spectrum LEDs produce more vibrant indoor plants, providing more robust colors and emphasizing the range of natural hues in the plant.

Knowing the advantages of using something will inspire you why you will use that thing. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using LED grow lights:
  • Longer lifespan
It’s the significant advantage of LED grow lights. These have extended lifetime of 50.000 to 100.000 hours, which means the continuous use of five years or more. Before buying one, check the specifications of that model and buy which has at least a lifetime of 50.000 hours.

The energy use of these lights is low than the normal ones. Most unique about LED grow lights are they warning before losing power. At maximum lifespan, some chips will be dark, and some will emit less bright light.
So you have time for the replacement. Some models are provided with the facility to change an individual chip.
  • Flexibility factor
You can use LED grow lights in any possible way for which you won’t stop applauding. You can utilize these lights. All the gardeners prefer LEDs for this reason. Place light bulbs and panels close to the plants that they can have maximum brightness.

  • Increased brightness
Normal plant light emits heat more than the light. Both are crucial for growing a plant but in a proportional limit. LED grow light provides you a balanced proportion of heat and light.
Because they are designed in such a way so that they can provide more light as well as less or optimum heat. In this regard, you should know that excess heat affects plant growth.
  • Great growth
Plants’ growth will be in speed when they are provided with optimum light. Adjusting the duration of daylight increases the growth even more. The results are remarkable in the field of horticulture.
  • No necessity of ballast and reflectors
As the LED grow lights don’t need ballast, this makes them lighter than the normal grow lighting system. You can fit these into normal light fittings, and you won’t face any issues because of that. Since LEDs have their own reflectors so don’t need extra reflectors.
  • Targeted light frequencies
When you are growing plants in the home or outside following the greenhouse technique, then you need to check and control the conditions.
In research, we see that, when plants have specific wavelengths of light, they absorb maximum chlorophyll, 400-500 nm, and 600-700 nm is the range. And LED lights are capable of meeting the range.

Pro Advice: To get the best results, you can use LED grow light for indoor plants with grow tent.
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